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Customer loyalty since 2001

What we call results are just the beginning

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who are we?

Grupo Marketinnova is a Marketing Consultant which offers advisory services in communications, market studies and brand development, specializing in customer loyalty. Our large variety of products and services allows us to offer you a complete solution to attract and keep customers.


Industrial Edificio Innova Parcela 21, Manzana 3 Polígono Industrial  “La Moraga” 29130 / Alhaurín de la Torre / Málaga

North Spain Office:
C/Teruel, 37 Bajos 22005 / Huesca

Center Office (Spain):
Carrer de l’Atlàntic nº 34 46730 / Playa de Gandía / Valencia

Hungary Office:
Budapest / Hungary

American Office:
1910 Ferdinand St.
33134 Coral Gables /Miami / EEUU