Customer loyalty marketing

Gaining new customers is more costly than retaining current ones: by retaining, we also gain.
Competition is increasingly aggressive, it is necessary to offer an added value to differentiate you from the others.
Customers are continually better informed, and consequently are more demanding.
A satisfied customer acts as an ambassador for your company, defending it and recommending it.
20% of the clients provide 80% of company profits.
The perceived value for the customer is greater when you give them a gift than when you give them a discount of the same value.


/Active Recruitment
/ Passive Recruitment
/ Payment Options


/ Increased Broadcast
/ Mid-level Benefits
/ Recruiting Subscribers


/ Loyal Customer Catalogs
/ Direct Gift Promotions
/ Contests

One of the principal strategies in marking is the creation of gift catalogs for points.
The customers get points by acquiring products, which they can later exchange for gifts.
The gifts for points systems assure an increase in sales by the customer, and also distinguishes the company from the competition by offering something of value to the user.
– In Grupo Marketinnova we plan the campaign, previously analyzing the client potential.
– We create a point system and we provide you with loyalty cards if needed.
– We design the gift catalogs, the creativity and planning the media \campaign.
– We select, buy and store the products from the catalog.
– We offer wholesale prices and we maintain them the entire campaign.
– We ship gifts to you client’s home.
– We enable a Multichannel platform with a Call Center to resolve issues and incidents.